Charity Streaming for Online SOS

Join Online SOS on Twitch for Giving Tuesday, November 29, 2016

Stream + help others dealing with online harassment and abuse


What for? Online SOS

Online SOS is a national, non-partisan nonprofit providing free professional help for those in crisis or recovery from online harassment

Our mission is to support and serve people dealing with online harassment, with a focus on mental health.

How? We ensure that money or access don't stop people from getting the help they need. Our nonprofit provides free counseling in-house and makes a donation for other as-needed services (legal consult, tech / security expert, law enforcement advocate, etc. for more serious cases). 

Where? Twitch + Tiltify 

Twitch is an amazing social video community. Online SOS was invited to the 2nd annual TwitchCon's Inclusivity City! We had make-your-own stress balls, kinetic sand, and gave away mini penguins for the best self-care strategies! (TY Twitch + Anykey + HackHarassment + INDG!)

At TwitchCon, we met so many awesome streamers and fans! We've also heard some of their challenges and struggles with dealing with the negative emotions that can come from streaming and harassment. We want to help. 

We're a cause on Tiltify, so you can set up your campaigns / teams!

When? GivingTuesday

#GivingTuesday is an international day of giving back. It happens every year after Thanksgiving + Black Friday + Cyber Monday. Last year,  over 700,000 people in over 70 countries raised $116 MILLION for charities on #GivingTuesday. People also volunteer their time and voice to their favorite causes. On the same day, Save the Children and other charities (like Online SOS) host #GamingTuesday, where we can give back through doing what we love. 


Give hope. 

And impact another streamer or viewer's life.

What's it in for you? Do what you love and support an amazing cause at the same time! We'll reserve thank you prizes for the top 3 streamers. Everyone gets a penguin stress ball. More perks to be posted soon.

Stream for 1 hour or 6. All streamers - new and old - welcome! 

Why us? There are so many fantastic causes to stream for! We are a new organization that can really use your help. A donation to us will make a HUGE impact. Your $$$ will be the difference between being able to support an individual in crisis or having to wait or turn him/her away. AND it's the Twitch community fundraising to help the Twitch community. Twitch for Twitch! 

Why harassment? Online harassment sucks. Getting intimated, stalked, threatened, doxxed, or swatted can be terrifying. It also can be extremely damaging to a person's reputation, career, self-esteem, and personal life. Harassment makes it much harder for people to stream, sometimes even causing them to take a break or quit entirely. 

No one should be in fear for their safety or have their well-being compromised because of harassment or abuse on Twitch, for just being who they are or doing what they love. People are often targeted and harassed for their identity, gender, ethnicity, opinions, or beliefs. And it all takes a toll - emotional and financial. To make things worse, these experiences are often trivialized and misunderstood ("turn off your computer" |  "get off the Internet" | "grow thicker skin" |  "well that's what you signed up for").

What do we do? We want to help create a world where all voices are heard. We provide professional help exclusively focused on online harassment. It's like a one-stop shop, a safe, central resource center, run by an experienced mental health professional with the training to limit re-traumatization and treat each incident with care. And for severe cases, it can do more harm than good to rely on the advice of a well-meaning friend or peer.  There are times you need a professional with expertise. Each case is different, so we provide each individual with the services s/he may need. 

Where do proceeds go? Your dollars will go directly to services (not advocacy or salaries). Online SOS uses funds to pay for the free services we provide individuals - whether it's a session for crisis coaching, counseling, legal advice, or tech / security consultation.  Our nonprofit is set-up to receive donations as part of Social Good Fund, a qualified 501(c)(3) tax-exempt organization (IRS EIN: 46-1323531). Donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed by the law. 

tl;dr Harassment sucks - it's often mishandled and costly. Online SOS gives professional support. Help us help others. 

Take a stand against hate and violence. 

Take a stand for community. 

Help make Twitch an even more awesome place. 


Interested in the Online SOS Charity Stream?

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