Our Founder's Story


I’m Liz. Welcome to Online SOS.

I started Online SOS to provide a supportive, central, safe haven where people can seek help after facing online harassment and abuse – experiences ranging from stalking, threats of violence, hacking, violation of privacy, and nonconsensual pornography to mob harassment and hate speech.

Online harassment is often misunderstood and trivialized, dismissed as “cyberbullying” or “trolling” for the lulz. But from personal experience, I know how devastating harassment – online or in person – can be. Online harassment can cause real-world harm, and it can be challenging for anyone – including high-achieving, strong-willed men and women – to recover.

I remember how vulnerable, confused, and alone I felt when it happened to me. I was stalked, threatened, and extorted online – first anonymously. But online interactions escalated into in-person stalking, phone calls to my workplace, and my apartment door being kicked in. I didn’t tell anyone what I was going through, and I didn’t know what to do.

Now, nearly a decade and a career in business later, I’m determined that no one else will suffer in silence in the face of online harassment.