How do we help you

We connect people with experts and we donate funds to pay for their services. Our goal is to ensure you get better, faster results, with the least amount of emotional distress.  

  • You fill out a quick form

  • We contact you within 48 hours to schedule a chat 

  • You speak with a professional therapist, to share more about your needs & brainstorm ways we can help 

  • You receive an introduction to your requested form of help, such as:

    • Expert advice - consultation with experts in legal, law enforcement, cybersecurity, tech, and/or user trust & safety

    • Mental health services - consultation with mental health provider or connection to medical service provider 

    • Physical safety resources - physical security or free, anonymous transportation and accommodation credits (e.g. Lyft, AirBnB) 

    • Advocate - a connection to a local advocate before you seek help or report to authorities

  • You receive continued support and follow-up as you make progress

    • Crisis intervention, coaching, & consultation and access to referrals or forms of help, on an as-needed basis