Our Mission

We support and serve individuals experiencing online harassment. Online harassment goes beyond cyberbullying or "trolling" to include: stalking, threats of violence, distribution of private information, impersonation, hacking, nonconsensual pornography, among other forms.

Online harassment is a targeted attack designed to threaten one’s sense of safety, to cause emotional distress and/or fear of physical harm. Individuals have been targeted - often anonymously - as a means of intimidation and retaliation for one's identity, beliefs, or work as well as by people in one's life as an emerging form of intimate partner violence.

Our Process


Help with Documentation

Need a record of what happened? Use our virtual assistant to create documentation to share with platforms, police, and others.


Expert Recommendations

Need information on what to do next? Get the guidance, answers, and support you need about your rights and actions you can take. 


Psychological Support and Crisis Coaching 

In select cases, our licensed mental health professionals can provide 1-on-1 support and help find the best ongoing resources based on your needs. 

How We Help

Get free assessment for legal and coaching services.

After the initial assessment, you will get our recommendations for next steps on how we can support you.

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Contact us for secure, confidential support with a response from one of our professionals.

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85 million

American Internet users have experienced online harassment

1 in 4

people as a result abandon their online presence entirely

Help us make the Internet a healthier, more inclusive place

Online harassment is a massive, growing problem with real-life consequences

Why and how do we operate?

Our nonprofit is dedicated to ensuring that professional support is available to everyone suffering from online harassment. We currently are able to provide support based on the generosity of and partnership with individual donors and institutional funders who share our vision for the kind of world we want to create together.

Who do we serve?

We primarily serve individuals in the U.S. experiencing any form of online harassment with a focus on supporting underrepresented voices including women, people of color, and LGBTQi community, amongst others.


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