Step 1 : Ask for Help

The best way to ask for help is through our self-assessment! Once you fill out the form, you will receive a 24-48 hour response. If you are not requesting help but instead would like to ask a question, you can email us. 


Step 2 : Crisis Coaching

You will have an initial call with our mental health professional to share your experience and discuss your needs. During this call, the two of you will establish goals related to the help you might need at that time. 


Step 3 : Referrals to Services

Our staff will work with you to find the right professional or service, based on your indicated needs, which may include access to:  

  • Expert advice - consultation with experts in legal, law enforcement, cybersecurity, tech, and/or user trust & safety

  • Mental health services - consultation with mental health provider or connection to medical service provider 

  • Physical safety resources - physical security or anonymous transportation and accommodation credits (e.g. Lyft, AirBnB) 

  • Advocate - a connection to a local advocate before you seek help or report to authorities

If financial resources are limiting your access to services, our contingency fund may be able to provide assistance. 


Our Support Continues

You will continue to receive support and follow-up as you make progress towards your goals. Our staff will continue to provide you with crisis coaching and access to services on an as-needed basis.