About Us 

ABOUT US: San-Francisco based nonprofit organization addressing online harassment through prevention and early intervention. 

All donations to Online SOS are fully deductible - Online SOS is a 501(c)3 fiscally sponsored project of the Social Good Fund

MISSION: Provide professional and financial support for those in crisis or recovery from online harassment & violence

HOW: Direct services, $$ funding, & training

WHY: Unfortunately, legal advice, as well as many other needed, professional services are not free. We want to make sure money is not the reason people don't seek or get the help they need.

OBJECTIVE: Our goal is to ensure people can access expert help as quickly as possible, with the least amount of emotional distress.



Who we are

We are a team of mental health, business, and tech professionals who are concerned about the state of online spaces. 

We have seen threats of violence get lodged often anonymously and without consequences. The same way there are social norms in real life, we see communities are in the process of building digital ones. 

Our founders created Online SOS based on their conviction around the importance of addressing online abuse and harassment, based on their personal experiences. Read more in their Welcome Message.  

We are building out a network of allies and hope to collaborate with you in the near future. Please join us. 

Services Provided


  • Crisis coaching, referrals to trusted professionals, and case management

  • Contingency fund to help pay for services 


  • Training to first responders (e.g. law enforcement, psychologists) & affected groups (e.g. journalists, advocates, teenagers)


People first. Technology second. We are committed to meeting the needs of those experiencing online abuse first, building technology second. Those experiencing online abuse have acute needs that technology can not yet solve. We believe in using technology to scale our efforts and enable us to better serve people's needs. 

Collaborate, not duplicate. Our intent is to build on the trailblazing work done to date and collaborate with others.

It takes an expert. We believe the fastest way to addressing online harassment is leveraging the expertise of subject matter experts.